How Mediation Helps the HR Manager

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Pro-active Protection:

How often have you heard it said “sure they do nothing, all they do is protect the company, no point going to HR, nothing will be resolved”. It is not a fair accusation to make, and yet we hear it made far too often.

mediation for Human Resource managers

Hiring a professional mediator protects you from those allegations, bringing in somebody from the outside changes the whole dynamic of the disagreement or conflict.

Remove Bias:

If challenged with a serious conflict in the workplace HR managers have a tough job, to remain neutral, and even more importantly to be perceived as being neutral is difficult.

Depending on position in the company and status within the organisation, each party may perceive that the HR manager favours one side over the other. Hiring an independent neutral mediator will protect from accusations of bias, perceived or real.

The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth:

Mediation is confidential, and truly independent of the company. This means that team members in dispute are more likely to tell the mediator the full story. We all as human beings tend to hold some of the story back if we think there may be consequences for it, so sometimes staff in conflict, particularly if with management, hold back on detail for fear it goes on their record. When a mediator is employed this barrier is removed and so the chance of resolution is increased because we have the whole truth.

What I offer as Mediator

Rapport, I always act to build understanding and empathy with all clients. No judgement is made at any stage. I look for the interests, priorities, needs and fears/weaknesses of the parties. So they tell me what they haven’t told the other party in the dispute. All this means I can help facilitate a resolution more effectively.

Creativity, I offer alternatives to the dispute, and alternatives to the resolution. Inventing options that acknowledge fears, feelings, perceptions and hurts helps find new ways to deal with issues that may otherwise block resolution.

Patience, I can sit and wait it out for as long as anyone. Most parties are reluctant to remove themselves from the process, so I facilitate them waiting until they see something in a new way, or I might just throw out an idea or two to see if it moves them along.

Mediation Benefits

Impartial, non-judgemental dispute resolution facilitation. Because the parties come up with the resolution themselves they are more likely to make it last. Resolution imposed by someone else is automatically resented. Using mediation means that the parties feel ownership and control and so the resolution is not just deliverable but also sustainable.

Testing the resolution, before writing up mediation agreement it is tested with a series of what if scenarios. This is a priceless and important part of the resolution process.

What to do next 

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