Negotiation Skills Training Dublin

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Does your business engage in numerous negotiations?

Negotiation is a valuable skill for all business owners. Any business which negotiates salaries, prices, expansion arrangements, or with wholesalers will greatly benefit from negotiation training. Non-Profit organisations and Trade Unions can also benefit from training and consultation sessions on negotiation. We offer training for business managers, sales teams, commercial negotiators and those in positions involve reaching an agreement with others, who want to improve their negotiation skills. Read more about negotiations.

What you will learn:

We will teach you the essential negotiation skills to ensure that your company can achieve the best possible deal in contract negotiations with suppliers and customers. We will show you how to approach a negotiation situation and each phase of that negotiation process.

What We Offer:

Negotiation Workshops: We offer negotiation skills workshops for Irish businesses with the aim of teaching the art of negotiation to management teams and their staff. Negotiation training will equip individuals with the skills necessary to the success of brokering deals and new market entry.


Group Training Courses:

Group training courses can be tailored to individual companies, political or community groups. Individual negotiation support can also be tailored to your needs.


Negotiation Consultation:

We provide assistance to managers who are experiencing difficulties negotiating with employees and/or negotiating important business deals. Our experienced negotiators will recommend a negation strategy tailored to benefit your company.


Why choose us?

Experience: We are participants of the Harvard Law School Project on Negotiations and have in the past been negotaitors between professional trade organisations and senior officials in the DOHC and HSE.

Tailored training around the customer: We can provide you will negotiation skills training that will best fit your buiness requirements in a venue that suits you.

To learn more about our negotiation skills training for Dublin businesses phone 0868341436.