Workplace & HR Mediation

workplace mediation

Conflicts can arise in the workplace between employees, employee and manager or between the various levels of management within an organisation. In some instances, conflicts arise in workplaces through bullying and/or harrassment. As mediation is a process that is carried out in confidence, it is a solution that will prevent such issues from being aired in public. The Mediation Practice offers absolute neutrality to each party and is a cost effective alternative to litigation with win/win outcomes for the parties involved. 

Examples of conflict in the workplace

  • Bullying and/or harrassment
  • Business contracts break down
  • Management disagreements

The Benefits of Workplace Mediation

  • The benefit of mediation is that the parties involved come to an agreement through the assistance of an impartial third party; the mediator.
  • Unlike court proceedings, a mediator is not a judge and will not issue a solution that will only benefit a certain party.
  • Mediators allow parties to air their issues in confidence and to explore solutions that will equally benefit the parties involved and for the best interests of the company as a whole.
  • Any agreements between parties are confidential and binding. Agreements will only be disclosed upon agreement from the parties involved.
  • Through mediation, conflicts are usually resolved much quicker than taking action through litigation.

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