Commercial Mediation Services

The alternative to expensive litigation & lawsuits

Commercial Mediation Ireland

Commercial mediation is a form of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) to settle disputes or conflicts that may arise between companies and third parties. Mediation can bring parties to a resolution over issues that they may have. 

Conflicts often arise between two or more corporate entities or between businesses and customers over issues surrounding payments. The Mediation Practice understand how expensive traditional solutions are and offer an alternative to litigation by exploring the issues surrounding the payments and allow the parties involved to control the outcome.


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The Benefits of Corporate Mediation

  • Commercial mediation is a process that can bring about an agreement between two or more parties in a timely manner compared to litigation.
  • Mediation is more cost effective than settling issues through the court system.
  • Agreements are reached by parties to the conflict themselves rather than imposed by a third party.
  • Reduces the cost of whole process.


Issues that can Resolved Through Mediation

  • Family business disputes.
  • Diputes over payments/non-payment for goods or services.
  • Disputes arising form Building construction.
  • Sub contractor disputes.


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