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The Mediation Practice Ireland

For Cost Effective Dispute Resolution Services 

We are passionate about bringing mediation resources to Ireland which have been proven in different jurisdictions for a number of years and an alternative to litigation proceedings reducing costs and time dealing with conflict issues.

We provide world class Mediation, Negotiation skills, B2B and B2C Conflict Management services and training to companies in Ireland.

Our Services Include:

Interpersonal mediation within business and Business to Customer relationships.  Read more...

Negotiation skills training and consultancy.

Guest speaker on negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution at your event. Read more...

Face your conflict issues in confidence

The Mediation Practice offer an alternative to legal proceedings by providing a confidential and safe environment for parties to air their issues and concerns at hand and to hear the complaints, issues and concerns that are being made against them. The content of the mediation is confidential to the parties and the Mediator and can only be shared with a third party with the expressed permission of all parties except where natural disclosure would occur. The parties and the Mediator agree the terms of the mediation at the outset of the mediation. The format of the mediation process may vary depending on the type of dispute. Sometimes there are pre-mediation meetings and sometimes the parties spend most of the mediation in the same room and in other cases the parties may never be in the same room or for only a very small part of the mediation.


"In deals and disputes, Tom Murray skillfully identifies issues in contention, develops options that expand the pie, and helps clients not leave money on the table. He has a wonderfully straightforward and approachable manner that enables him to get to the heart of the matter quickly, while still ensuring that people feel heard. He was a standout participant in the Harvard Negotiation Institute and has a bright future in mediation and negotiation."
Jennifer W. Reynolds, Harvard Program on negotiations
Assistant Professor of Law and Lecturer at the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiations.

For more information on our services or to see if mediation can assist your query, please fill in our contact form or phone me in confidence on 086 8341436.